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Every March basketball has a National Tournament to crown a Champion in the college ranks. So, The All-New Jammin’ 1057 decided that we wanted to crown a Champ as well…
for YOUR votes.

We’d like to know who YOU think the GREATEST OF ALL TIME (G.O.A.T.) is when it comes to Old School & Today’s R&B. Vote for each of the groups in each matchup and we’ll give you the winners to cut it down from 64 to 32…then 16…8…4…2 and then crown the Jammin’ March Old School & Today’s R&B Champion. After each round, the artists will be re-seeded and we’ll vote again for the next round.

Vote now and we’ll tabulate your votes and move to the next round in a couple of days.

We couldn’t put EVERYONE in the brackets…and maybe your all-time favorite didn’t make it. But, these are the Top Performers in R&B and Hip Hop based on our research on the highest national chart position, radio airplay, sales, and research.

Have fun, tell your friends and let’s see who takes the crown!